Forever In My Heart

    Christmas is around the corner. We celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s time of giving, that absolutely an act of goodness that we must do and practice in our everyday life not only for Christmas season.

   Another Christmas time that is not like before, I miss you Tita Cecil. She inspired me  lot, she became my 2nd real mother, her family became my family too, she’s one of my mentor. She shares all her talents, wisdom, to all of us.  She thought me the goodness of our Lord by showed the love of God to all of us. No word can explain how she influenced my life to become a better child and servant  of God.. Her courage, love, wisdom are inspired me a lot. While I writing this I feel that its been a long time I hug and kiss her, I really miss her so much. I remember my memories with her.

    Every time I remember and see the different places were visited in our all pilgrimage its been a long time this things would happened. I cant visited that places without and not because of you Tita Cecil. Pilgrimage is not like before when you are here beside us.It’s truly all your memories remains in my heart forever.

    Even you’re with the Lord, I’ll still feel your love and guidance through the goodness of our Lord. See you in my dreams, the only enchanting place that impossible become possible, I  hug and kiss you again. I Love You and I miss you Tita/Mommy Cecil. Always pray for us, so that you always remind me when my heart and soul are weak. See you in heaven someday, somewhere. Enjoy singing with the angels and hollies in heavens with the Lord.

     In my heart its like yesterday you are here beside me. You’re always in my heart FOREVER.